The Yakuza was an awesome and super epix merc group until the leaders started insulting newbz and they got banned The Yakuza is led by alejandria its members include Jackie_Chan,Lizardman,XXKILLERXX,Shileno,Yamashita,Bastard,and the_jizz.

War with UC and X-FEAREdit

The War started when killer left undercover to Yakuza.Many felt threaten when Fessor and Darknight were trying to assinate killer and a war errupted at the SF community center.Yakuza were not skilled but had many members Jackie_Chan a former yakuza quit the group and went with Undercover though Yakuza did not mind if a member left their orginization.Yakuza owned an empire that conqured the whole map which was destroyed later on.

Fall of Yakuza EmpireEdit

The Yakuza empire fell when X-FEAR got involved they were allied with UC and wanted to take over as well they saw Yakuza as a competiton and wanted to be the next top empire.Later on Alejandria,Yamashita and Killer were banned which killer comes back discuised 8 times and keeps geting banned.