The main enemy of the server keeps evading he is in diffrent storys.


In the beginning his name was polarbear12 it was january and samp0.a came out.His first enemy was XxFessorkillerxX later on named agent fessor.Polar wanted to join fessors alliance (notknowing merc exsisted) Fessor refused to and a mini war errupted.Later polar be-friends alligator who they built an alliance together.Later fessor became friends with polar and alligator.After this polar wouldnt join for another 6 months in which he returns with his famous name "XXKILLERXX".

Darkside EraEdit

Killer onced joined the darkside with karl and jetfire and quit later on after leaving for 6 months.

The Return and the join of UCEdit

As Polar returns his new name is XXKILLERXX he now meets with an old friend its fessorkiller which is now agentfessor.Fessor invites him to his group imidatley.Their killer meets semen thrower and darknight for the 1st time.After all this 2 weeks later the Hotel-War begins.Killer learns skills from diffrent opponents in the war.After this Killer joins his members in the conquest for merc in UC.Though killer viewing the groups he sees the powerful groups and notices A.R.M.A as the most powerful.He later be-friends A.R.M.A and joins his group.Fessor did not approve of this and wanted to assassinate killer.Killer wasn intrested and leaves 2 weeks later.Killer joins UC again and secretly searches for other groups.Therfore he leaves not joining any groups this makes fessor angry.As fessor searched for killer to harass killer was hidden at a secluded apartment in San Fierro.Semen THrower helps out This leads to him joining the apocalypse later he would quit to join the yakuza.

The Yakuza joinEdit

As killer left yakuza was his last option.There he would meet an old friend from the old days and he decides to stay.He discovers Yakuza is a big society and has many members.The leader Alejandria and bastard approved of killer join and the whole group started a big conquest that would lead into a big trap.As fessor discovers killers join he wants to pay killer a visit.In the battle at the community center killer,lizardman,and the_jizz all hid in the train tunnel below.Ale Bastard and Shileno fought above with UC and this is what errupted the famous war.Now killer became skilled with all these members by his side.Later on Yakuza tried taking the City hall which resulted in a fail.Darknight defeated them at City Hall.This would eventually lead to the battle at the cargo ship.This began when luftwaffe was stopping yakuza's capures and UC joined.The battle was tied among the 3 groups.Things were calm for weeks but UC and X-Fear were starting a plan to take down the Empire.A week later Alejandria,Yamashita,Bastard were banned permenatly.

Evade 1Edit

Killer now changes his name to kauzuki and follows Lizardman 2 days later he is banned by sandrager.

Evade 2Edit

Killer is now disguised as warrior man and wants to start a rebellion against UC.First he contacts his friend lizardman and asks if he can join the rangers nahian agrees and shi does (not knowing it was killer.)Soon he starts his own rebellion the triads which he disbans and makes a new rebellion called the_warriors which was succeccfull.Its members included LINKIN,SFC_jonas,Hendrik,and Aldofo.He tries to conqueror AU island rangers naval base but fails.

Evade 3Edit

Killer now is disguised as Ghost MW2 and tries to go with the rangers.SHileno suspects it was killer and questions him.Fessor snitches killer and makes his final ban