The DarksideEdit

The Darkside was led by an old member jet fire this group contained killer,karl,and jet as leader.They had a small Conquest that did not get far.It is unknown what happen to the group it was most likely out of use or disbanded by administration.


Yugoslavia was another small group it was disbanded a short while because it was allied with other groups.Its leader was unknown and it had a few captures and battles with X-Fear.Though the group lasted 2 days it had captured a good amount of territories.


This group was copied off X-Fear the Major group.The leader claims this group is more powerful than X-Fear though this is doubtful since X-F has a large empire.This group had minor conflicts with the rangers they battled 3 times Rangers winning all battles.This group lasted 3 days making it unsucessful.


This groups leader is unknown though they like to capture alot it is still active but is pretty small time in the server since no members are known well.


This group is led by Darkphoenix it is based off resident evil.They are the powerfulest of all minor groups but is below the radar since it doesnt have many captures.The group isnt very active thee days due to darkphoinex's unactivness.


This group is led by Sandrager it is considered and administration group since most of its members are part of the Administration team.They are very skilled but dont have much captures which is why they are below the radar.