The hotel war was a series of battles for control of Caligulas Casino.The hotel belonged to killer and intruders began to gain control over it.The first battle was when maff and LINKIN were harassing killer.killer than mentioned it was his out loud causing intrest to seize it in stulcan,[INDIA]_vegeta,derin and elena.

UC's involvmentEdit

UC was partilay in it when killer showed darknight.The group used it as a safe house and joined the war when killer was needed.killer used the basement mostly because there was health and supplies for him to use.In the war he used it to regain help.Darknight usally used the main lobby he liked to gamble alot.Fessor wanted the roof and he had it as leader he was mainly required to choose first.As maff Linkin and India made there way to the hotel UC was waiting on the roof to battle.Though this batlle was not a group battle many members allied and fought each other.When elena joined she defeated the whole UC with her skills.

End and Hotel todayEdit

Derin was a gambler and mainly came to gamble killer saw this as a threat and killed him.But later derin wanted control of the hotel and kiler convinced him to move to V-rock hotel.Elena won the hotel but was banned later on due to event stopping.Today the hotel isnt controlled though people still go to gamble.Artimistic made a film there with killer.