• RAFGunnerMoss
  • So$tryk3
  • [AU]Gangsta50
  • Ns2009
  • Extreme_D
  • Lightning


  • Alejandria
  • Bastard


  • AgentFessor also a hero for being a skilled pilot.
  • Darknight
  • Benito
  • Dan killer for conqering 100 territories in 2 days.

Arab ForcesEdit

  • Ahmed for leading


  • SemenThrower
  • Yamadoot for being a skilled overall fighter(specially Deagle)


  • Killer for evading noob

75th rangers/TF141Edit

  • Nahian for leading and training members very well
  • Shileno for being a positive influence on both groups


  • Mile for discovering the original ARMA and soon to be founder of the new ARMA
  • Alex and WocaR for leading the original ARMA

The DarksideEdit

  • Jetfire
  • Karl for teaching me
  • Killer for nub

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