The Apocalypse is a group founded by ex-UC member SemenThrower its members include Yamadoot and more.... After Semens freedom from UC he could now rule and establish his group he had while he was in UC.Fessor did not approve of it at first but later accpeted Semen's group.When killer quit UC and was laying low from Fessor's attacks Semen was his only help.While Semen was in UC he invited killer to be apart of his mini empire.later on killer would join the famous group yakuza.but while he was in the group he started conflicts with ACE semen did not approve.But he tried to attack their helicopter convoy which suceeded and he failed the other times.Past members -LINKIN,Spetnaz,Thudcrash


Now YamaDoot,Semen and and the others are still in the group..Semen gave leadership to YamaDoot since he gave the group a lease of life.YamaDoot being new leader turned it into a prominent group making it very hard for small time groups to capture.The group recently reached 1000 captures and is the main competitior of the X-Fag group.Apocalypse recently added more members on invitation of YamaDoot.The new members being- ShnauzerR,sHiLeNo,Lizardman,Flip 9,Dondon342,dan_95

Official Group Page - Apocalypse