A.R.M.A is an early group that was created its first member was Mile.Killer was in this group when he betray UC.Later on Mile gives the throne to Wocar and Alex Obando to prevent Jelousy from his competion.When Alex A.R.M.A's new members were spanish most were.killer wanted to join later on but the new leader would not let him which led him to join Yakuza.

UC ConflictEdit

A.R.M.A had conflicts with UC both spanish groups opposed of each other and had gotten into some minor battles the most famous one is the parachute battle it was called this because it was mostly dogfights the battle began when Fessor Darknight Sementhrower and killer were atempting to Capture the Dingo-Kyte factory than Alex Obando came in and shot missles at the car with a hydra killing fessor and semen.after this more A.R.M.A and UC members had joined in the battle in Hydras.

A.R.M.A 2Edit

Mile plans to remake a new A.R.M.A soon.Though it is Yakuza Alejandria gave him the throne and he is now gonna rename it this means more battles will continue and new rivalry will be joining in again.