The 75th Ranger RegimentEdit

The 75th ranger regiment is a mercenery group led by Nahiyan. Its based on the real life 75th Ranger Regiment. It's organized with squads. Most of its members originated from Yakuza after the fall of its empire. Lizardman, Maxijeje and Shileno all came to this group. Although Shileno was kicked from a group twice for not obeying orders. The first time he re-joined, the second time he was banned from the group

Warrior warEdit

The Rangers' Home base was a island, which was made for a admin who had died, but they didn't know that. The_Warriors came to invade the island, but Nahiyan ordered all units to stop the attack, they suceeded. But then they knew that the island was for the admin who died, so they left the island, but defended it from attacks.