UnderCover is a Group featured in Hydra Blast its members include [UC]AgentFessor,[UC]Darknight,[UC]XXKILLERXX,[UC]Semen_Thrower,[UC]Benito,[UC]Spyro_1994,[FAB]gathinhadrt,and more.

Early DevelpomentEdit

During UnderCover's [UC] development it only had 4 people in which were:

AgentFessor,Semen_Thrower,Darknight,and XXKILLERXX;They started capturing small terrirories such as: Dingo-Kite-Factory, Las Venturas Apartment Complex and Las Venturas University.

It started with a few people and grew through the months.UnderCover had a small skirmish with A.R.M.A a major group who had more members the leader was Mile which later gave the leadership to: WocaR and Alex_Obando.

Before their leadership Mile Offerd XXKILLERXX to join he than joined A.R.M.A.As Fessor was angry about this he harrassed Killer than Killer rejoined UC.He quit again later on.

Yakuza WarEdit

As UC gained more people a group Know as Yakuza led by Alejandria was in power and had a empire that conqured the whole map.Killer would join this group permanantley this made UC upset and caused a war.UC was outnumbered and only had 5 people despite Semen Leaving.Yakuza's empire fetured killer,Lizardman,Shileno,The_jizz,Alejandria,Bastard,and Yamashita.

The War Began when The Battle of Community Began.This battle happend because fessor wanted to harass killer and other Yakuza members saw this as an attack.The battle took place at the SF community Center.Many hid in the train tunnel that lied below the Center While other members fought above Yakuza had won this battle .Another battle took place at the Cargo.This Battle was Very harsh Yakuza had lost this battle.UC Allied With X-Fear another group who saw Yakuza as rivals.Leader Thriller and UC leader fessor made an agreement that X-Fear would take down the Yakuza empire and Fessor would get XXKILLERXX banned.The last battle took place at the Petrol Yakuza lost this battle.The next Day UC had Declared independence and X-Fear.


Later when UnderCover was very powerful XXKILLERXX was disquised as another character.

AgentFessor wanted someone to lead his group and Killer told him he was SemenThrower whom they were both in good terms with at this time he belived it was him as he left, killer disbanded it.

UnderCover's empire was destroyed and would eventually lead to the ACE Pilots another group fessor found.

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